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Inreach/Outreach Director

Kevin Steele

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Hi my name is Kevin Steele married to Robin Steele (30yrs) daughter Lily (18). I’ve been attending EBC my whole life. I responded to Gods calling when I was 9. I am currently a Deacon and part of the Administrative Team serving as the leader of the Inreach/Outreach Division. My reason for serving is because I love the Lord and the people at EBC.

Deacon Chairman

Jerry Steele

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My name is Jerry Steele. I am four score and 7 in age. I joined Elkridge Baptist Church on August 5, 1962. I was ordained as a Deacon on December 9, 1978. I currently teach the Adult Bible study on Sunday mornings before Worship Service. I serve at the pleasure of the church.
I am actively involved with many aspects of our church ministries. Welcome to EBC.

Director of Christian Education

Travis Sartalamacchia

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I am Travis Sartalamacchia (Sar-ta-la-match-e). I am the Director of Christian Education at Elkridge Baptist Church. In this role I manage/help with EBC's discipleship and Christian learning. I believe that God called me to this position in order to help direct God's Church learn more about Him and draw closer to Him. I became a Christian when I was 10 and joined EBC while I was in college back in 2010. 

I am a husband of almost 11 years and a father of 2 loving (and very energetic) kids. I also have dog and a cat and live in Catonsville. 

  December 2021  
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