Kevin Steele

Deacon Family Ministry 

We are here to support and serve your family within the church community. Our deacons are devoted individuals committed to assisting and uplifting families in their spiritual journey. From providing guidance and counseling to organizing events and outreach programs, our deacons actively contribute to the well-being of our church family. Join us as we create a nurturing environment where families can grow in faith and find the support they need. Together, we thrive in Christ's love and service.

Deacons are called to be church servants and serve so that the word of God may increase and the number of disciples may be significantly multiplied. (See Acts 6:7) 

They work closely with the Pastor to empower the church to accomplish its purpose of being the body of Christ in the world by:

  • Living to Glorify God in Worship
  • Leading People to God through Evangelism
  • Loving the People of God in Fellowship
  • Learning to be more like God through Discipleship 
  • Laboring for God in Ministry

The Deacons prepare communion and serve the congregation as the Pastor leads. The Deacons maintain a personal and fraternal relationship with the church families and provide relief, encouragement, and assistance in their spiritual development

The Deacons currently serving at EBC are: 

  • Kevin Steele; Chairmen
  • Travis Sartalamacchia
  • Robert Berg
  • Tim Herbold
  • Lee Falk

Let us know how we can serve you.